A Friendly Warning

Hi.  I’m not dead.  I’m still knitting.  There are still things in my house. 

While you wait (or not) for real content, please enjoy the Ped Egg.  My warning is this: do not watch the Ped Egg commercial.  ESPECIALLY if you like parmesan cheese.  Trust me on this.

3 Responses to “A Friendly Warning”

  1. mom says:

    (Might be a repeat ; don’t know if my first try went through
    How did you manage to get my all time winner for grossest thing
    on TV on your blog? I especially am horrified at the choice of a black
    wastebasket to empty the “material” into. MOM

  2. Eileen says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE!!! World’s grossest infomercial. Gross… Now I need to go take a shower…

  3. jean skillman says:

    Well I actually have an object similar to a ped egg , from QVC. Now it might be a gross commercial, i wont dispute that , but the darn thing works to my amazement. The nail salon I go to started charging a five dollar extra fee if you want callouses removed . So I figured I would give the old ped egg a try. And now I know only my foot is coming into contact with that as well. The other pedicure things they use come out of a sterilizer .


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