Bi-annual Not Blogging


I still have this website? My darling sweetheart must be paying the hosting bills. It’s nice to look back on a period when I had time share.

Still find time to knit, just not nearly as much as I used to. I’ve been busy parenting and wifing and friending, and then my job turned into a genuine, bona fide career. How these things go!

Recent developments are spurring an examination of my lifestyle and I’m finding a need to organize my thoughts. That was a ridiculous sentence but I stand by it. It’s stuff that bores many folks to tears (among other emotions), so perhaps I’ll put it out here.

My mom has some autoimmune conditions. While I do not have any obvious symptoms, I do have some super high antibody levels that, if nothing else, make me very predisposed to develop some of my own. My GP has suggested I consider a gluten-free diet, but I don’t know…


  • difficulty eating out
  • awkwardness with folks who think it’s all just a fad
  • more hoops in shopping/cooking
  • cross-contamination risks with gluten-eating family
  • no more delicious, chewy gluten


  • fun challenges in the kitchen
  • possible improvement in already good health
  • possible prevention of some health conditions that could come down the road

Eh. Might give it a try for a month or two, then see how I feel. Maybe it’s not even an issue.

Maybe someday I’ll get my grandmother to hand over that stocking pattern!

Hope you’re doing well.

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