Lauren Gets Crafty

except when she doesn’t

Thinking about blogging again. Will get back to you!

This Puff Daddy scarf thingy took me an hour and a half start to finish.  The yarn is Arucania Limari.  It’s nice yarn, but for containing only merino, alpaca, and silk, I’d expect it to be a teeny bit less scratchy.

I don’t have a picture (yet) but it looks cute on me.  My pom pom is not as spherical as I’d like, but there are worse problems to have.

We had a nice Christmas here.  Ginny was all, “whatever,” but she’ll appreciate all the toys she got sooner or later.  I finished two more knitted gifts but only have a picture of one:

From a Mary Maxim kit (No. 3794N, Snow Mitts for Kids) we have mittens for my nephew William.  My first intarsia (WOO!) and my first 100% acrylic (meh).  The yarn is Mary Maxim Mellowspun, which is okay, but nothing special.  These mittens rock, though.

I also knit a scarf for my Grandmother, but I didn’t get a picture.  Instead, I offer you a photo of some of the 16 lb beef rib roast that she bought for dinner… for six people.

Joanna requested a pink cat hat.  I was happy to oblige:

Alli did not request a hat, but I knit a pink one for her too:

The day before Ginny’s due date, Matt and I went all over Baltimore to find beads, and then that evening, I started this hat.  I think I finished it within 24 hours.  Nervous knitting, perhaps?

My grandmother has knit Christmas stockings (the same pattern) for everyone in the family for decades.  My parents each have one.  She knit one for me when I was a baby.  My sister has one.  When Matt and I got married, she knit one for him.  Now, she’s knit one for Ginny: