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Puff Daddy

This Puff Daddy scarf thingy took me an hour and a half start to finish.  The yarn is Arucania Limari.  It’s nice yarn, but for containing only merino, alpaca, and silk, I’d expect it to be a teeny bit less scratchy. I don’t have a picture (yet) but it looks cute on me.  My pom [...]

Happy New Year

We had a nice Christmas here.  Ginny was all, “whatever,” but she’ll appreciate all the toys she got sooner or later.  I finished two more knitted gifts but only have a picture of one: From a Mary Maxim kit (No. 3794N, Snow Mitts for Kids) we have mittens for my nephew William.  My first intarsia [...]

Pink Hats for Christmas

Joanna requested a pink cat hat.  I was happy to oblige: Alli did not request a hat, but I knit a pink one for her too: The day before Ginny’s due date, Matt and I went all over Baltimore to find beads, and then that evening, I started this hat.  I think I finished it [...]

Baby Stuff I Was Gonna Show You Months Ago

Hey there!  A long, long, long time ago, I planned to how you a week’s worth of items I’d made for the baby.  I had things all ready and photographed, made it to Wednesday, and then I just forgot to finish.  We were busy, Toaster was sick, I was pregnant, yadda, yadda, yadda… Here’s one [...]

Wednesday: Sockies!

Doggy Update:  Toaster is still at the hospital.  No more runs, but a few more pukies. Now back to our regular programing: * WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 1481 * These socks are from a pattern by Miriam Felton I found for free on her website. I don’t expect you to recognize the yarn, [...]