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New (to me) LYS

Today Matt & I visited a new yarn shop, right here in Ellicott City, the Celtic Knot Yarn Shop. Their inventory wasn’t huge, but they had wider color options than some places and some nice luxuries and novelties. They also have a long-haired miniature dachshund named Purl. She was cute, but noisey…sounds like another dachshund [...]

New Address!!!

YAY! Thank you Matt! Welcome to! I have grand plans for this website, including an online home for all my crafty friends. Stay tuned for exciting additions!

Happy New Year

Christmas was nice, especially since I got to give all my knitted gifts, including a ruffled scarf for gramma anda cell phone cozy for Eileen. Eileen was kind enough to encourage my knitting habit with an awesome homemade knitting needle case and some bulky hot pink chenille. Maggie, Jean, Matt, and my Mom all gave [...]