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The Gates

Matthew and I (along with his parents) went to New York yesterday to view The Gates in Central Park. Before I went, I was convinced that it was only worthy of attention because of the artists’ past works, and that this was not revolutionary or important in any way. I was moved by the installation [...]

Progress leads to anticipation…

So, now that I’ve found employment, I have about two weeks left to get some things done. I’ve done some winter pruning and shrub-tending, as well as some housecleaning. Some dog-tending and project finishing. Car maintenance and loafing. The usual assortment of life. Last week I took my car in for a recall fix and [...]

New Job!

Woo HOO! I have a job! I’ll be starting on Monday, March 7th, as a regulations analyst for Medicare & Medicaid. Better get cracking on that sweater, as I’ll be spending my weekdays in a climate-controlled office building.

Steamed Buns

We had dinner tonight at Hunan Manor in Columbia, and it was so good. We had cold spicy Schezuan noodles, beef and Chinese broccoli chow fun, and manor chicken (in a unique sauce) with steamed buns. I love steamed buns. I guess its not surprising if you consider that they’re the pastry equivalent of a [...]