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Just For Fun

I have some lovely FOs to share, but could’t seem to get my photographer to help me out the other day and today I’m at work. I can’t model and photograph my first mittens! Until then, generate your very own Stitcher’s Name with this free random name generator. My name is Mistress Fuzzy Fibers.

From Dishcloths to Bikinis

We had an all hands training meeting at work today, and before we got started, I was working on a “pumpkin” colored cotton dishcloth. This dishcloth was being made following a classic pattern (Grandmother’s Fav.) that is very useful. This particular style of dishcloth used to be the bane of my existence. From the time [...]

UFO Update

For my own sanity and to convince you of it, I will update my list. I have completed several projects! Really!! Unfinished Objects on Needles: Pink Cotton Sonata Cardigan Aqua Cotton Purse Cotton Dishcloths Feather & Fan Baby Blanket Secret Christmas Project #3 Falling Leaves Scarf Secret Christmas Project #4 Secret Christmas Project #5 Unfinished [...]

Knit Your Own Eye Patch!

A “patterns” page is already in the works for Craftgirl, but I can’t ask good pirates to wait. This is the first pattern I’ve written out for sharing, so feedback is most welcome! Knit Your Own Eyepatch.doc Knit Your Own Eye Patch ARRRGGHH! What good is a pirate without an eye patch? Not much! This [...]

Ethan’s Hat

A few months ago, I knit a baby hat for Matt’s pregnant cousin Julie. Now that it’s getting cooler (and the baby’s been born), he can wear it. According to Julie, he loves it. She put it on him and showed him in the mirror and he went nuts. Can’t ask for more than that!