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A Friendly Sock

At last week’s Sock Knitters Night, I met Anne. This is her miniature sock: She used KnitPicks Essential on 2 mm needles. I find this interesting because I have been planning to knit a full-sized pair of these socks out of this very yarn. Her needles are very nice Swiss needles, Inox coated aluminum DPNs. [...]

Knitters Review

Every week I get an e-mail newsletter from Knitters Review, and every week I drop work for 20 minutes to peruse the new issue. This week, there’s a review of yarn stores in the Baltimore area, including my two favorites, All About Yarn and Cloverhill (linked in the sidebar). How cool! Only one more week [...]

Little Sock

sock knitting class

My Honeymoon

Pattern is “Honeymoon” by Julia Trice. Yarn is Svale, by Dalegarn, 50% cotton, 40% viscose, 10% silk, colorway 5824 “glacier blue.” It’s knit at 6 stitches per inch on 4mm needles, which is NOT the gauge specified in the pattern- it called for 5 per inch, but the way my swatch stretched, I decided not [...]

Avoiding RSI

Many knitters suffer from repetetive strain injuries, myself among them. I have worn wrist braces at night for years, following a bout of injury-induced carpal tunnel syndrome, and that has always helped. Last night however, I got out my poi and spun some circles. I can’t really do anyhing beyond the basics yet, but I [...]