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Finally Home

This past weekend at Playa Del Fuego marked the end of our Spring ’06 social marathon. It was fun, but hot and buggy. Your Craftgirl is currently covered in bug bites and surrounded by incredibly stinky laundry (I’ve got a laundry surprise coming soon, by the way…). I also have a sunburn on my shoulders. [...]

The Happy Couple, Jen & Sasha

Here’s the bride and groom, before the ceremony: Here they are with the flower petal shaw, and some tasty cake:


Until I upload an action shot of the bridal shawl, I will show you this: Quack!  My sister crocheted this dorky little duck, and I love it.  Unfortunately, she did not make it for me.  Laughing at notions of maturity and adulthood, Matt and I have a rubber ducky themed bathroom, and I think one of these [...]

Flower Petal Shawl

Jen’s not going to have a flower girl, but she will have a flower petal shawl: Free pattern from Elann, made with Knit Picks Andean Treasure, in Wild Rose, on a 5.5 mm needle. This pattern made for good knitting- easy enough for TV knitting while the petal pattern and increases kept it from being [...]

New Look

Orange is way hotter than blue. Knitting clip art is way better than a big solid rectangle. Still working on the side bar though… What happened to all my links?