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Motion Sickness Movie Review: Superman Returns

Way back in the day (in the year 2000), Matt and I went to see Dancer in the Dark.  I was super excited because I love me some Bjork and I love me some Lars von Trier movies.  We had to leave after 15 minutes because the stupid movie made me ill.  Literally. Same thing [...]


What do the following things have in common: male corsetry cake hookers reformed crack hos civil war reenactors carpooling toupees vaginal secretions in the ear dueling prodigal daughters cream of wheat Give up? They were all plot devices featured in this year’s season finale of CSI. Matt and I like to watch CSI on Tivo [...]

It’s going to be one of those days.

So I’m sitting at my desk, digesting my bitter morning cocktail of espresso and birth control (sometimes I sweeten it up with a shot of grapefruit juice), and my MIND is RACING.  All the things I could be knitting!  All the home improvement I could be doing!  OOOoo, I could be cleaning out the fridge!  [...]

A Holiday No No

The yarn I’m using for Matt’s manly mitts is leftover from last year’s Christmas knitting.  I used it to knit an Irish Hiking Scarf for my father-in-law.  It was a thing of beauty with all those lovely cables: This is an example of something I would not knit, if I knit for the holidays this [...]

…And Into the Fire!

Now that I’m out of the rut, I’ve started thinking about Christmas.  Any crafter knows what that means.  After two frantic, wrist-cramped holiday seasons, I made a vow that there would be no hand knit gifts in 2006. Completely forgetting this vow, I gleefully started writing up a list of gift ideas, complete with hand knits and sewn [...]