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Now that it’s Thursday,

I’ll tell you about our weekend. On Saturday, Matt and I went to Virginia to visit my Mom and Dad.  We first went to Needles In The Haymarket, the new needlework store in Haymarket.  The ladies at the shop were really fun.  They don’t have the hugest yarn inventory yet, but they do carry a wide range of [...]

Blah, blah….Blah? Blah.

Though the population of my blogville is small, I sometimes think, “will I loose all my e-friends because I haven’t posted this week?”  Especially lateley, I’ve felt bad for not posting.  I’m not too big on guilt.   When it’s pushed on me from external sources, it does nothing but make me feel superior and confrontational.  I rarely feel guilt on [...]

The Seasons, They Are A Changin’

I started to think about it last weekend, on our last camping trip of the burn season.  It was pretty darn cold at night.  I think I slept in knee socks, a full set of long underwear, long flannel pajamas, and a hat every night.  Getting out of the nice warm bed (which held a nice [...]