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Feeling Better

Wrist pain is old hat for me. Back in my wild pool hall days (in the dorm rec room), my right wrist was struck by rouge cue ball and hasn’t been the same since. The friend who made the shot was mortified by the pain he caused me, especially when it flared up three years [...]


I’ve been a busy bee over the last week.  Everything at work is moving in high gear.  Matt and I made the world’s most complicated meatloaf (courtesy of the lunatics at America’s Test Kitchen of course- no sane person would devise such a complicated recipe for meatloaf).  The Argosy is nearing completion and a Picovoli [...]

Knitting Culture

Podcasts:  I’ve started listening to Cast-On.  I really enjoy it, but I find that I can’t listen while knitting.  Since I started listening with #1, it may take me a while to get to the ones featuring Jill. Internet:  The more time I spend with the thoughts of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the more I admire her.  [...]

New WIP = Not Poop

Somethings warm and fuzzy for this icy night:* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 1087 * Argosy, Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Thick and Thin. Not poopy. Toaster seems to like it.

FO = Poop

[Please ignore any questionable grammar in this post.  The pain is so strong that I have to hide my true feelings in melodrama.] Once upon a time, long, long ago, a young knitter named Lauren decided to try her hand at a lovely scarf named Backyard Leaves. She adored this scarf. Every time she saw [...]