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Mike & Joanna Got Married

October has been quite a month, as evidenced by all of the blog posts I haven’t had time to make.  Saturday, Mike and Joanna’s wedding day, was the end of our current social calendar.  It was a spectacular finish. The Icarus shawl was finished well in advance, and worn by the beautiful bride: * WPG2 [...]

The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

Do you remember, early in the school year, when the teacher would distribute text books?  To me, every one was exciting: photos, charts, aaaaaaall sorts of things to learn!  Sometimes, you’d be lucky enough to get a brand new book with a smooth spine and crisp pages, a new edition without photos of people wearing tinted [...]


I got my invitation on October 3rd.  Guess when I found that out? Yesterday morning I finished the right front of Juno and finally got my ass onto Ravelry.  Now I just have to figure out the whole Flickr thing… Maybe once they go “real” from the Beta version, I’ll be able to host my [...]

Crisis Averted

Remember the pretty hat I was making for Matt?  The one that way so tight, he couldn’t blink?  Well, I finally frogged it and rewound the yarn.  I aquired a larger needle.  One evening, about two weeks ago, I sat down to do it over.  It did not go well.  The chart was GONE!  This [...]