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Keeping Sunday Holy

I wrote this post, and took pictures, two weeks ago. Now that Christmas has passed, I’ve found time to share it with you. : ) I had planned to go to church on Sunday, but I woke up late. I went to the yarn store instead. My lovely parents bought me a lovely new coat [...]

Paralyzed and Pregnant and Hat

Paralyzed and Pregnant ended well.  They named their son Pierce.  Back in the day, I met a girl named Caress.  I guess it’s kinda cool to have a name that’s a verb… Except Caress sounds a bit too much like a hooker’s name.  If I were naming someone after a verb, I’d choose something better.  Like Shear.  [...]

Paralyzed and Pregnant

Got your attention, didn’t I?  It got mine, too. Last night I was randomly scrolling through the TV guide when I saw that a program called “Paralyzed and Pregnant” was about to start on the Discovery Health Channel. The show was about Michelle Carston, a quadriplegic woman who gave birth to (and is now raising) a son [...]


Here are some things I made for our trip: 1) Water Bottle Cozy * WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 1284 * That there is an 18 oz. Kleen Kanteen. I really wish that they’d spelled it differently, but the bottle itself is nice. Those puppies dent if you drop them on something hard, hence [...]