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my first migraine lost a stone from my wedding ring

Stuff in My House: Introduction

In this wide world of stuff, there are keepers and purgers. Hoarders and tossers. (Heeheehee, tossers!) Matt and I were both raised by keepers. Generous keepers. We have both inherited the keeper gene. All of this means that we have a lot of stuff. I respect Zen ideals of detachment and minimalism, and there is [...]


You Are a Soy Latte At your best, you are: free spirited, down to earth, and relaxed  At your worst, you are: dogmatic and picky You drink coffee when: you need a pick me up, and green tea isn’t cutting it Your caffeine addiction level: medium What Kind of Coffee Are You? In the realm [...]

My Mom Is Awesome

She knit me more socks! * WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 1362 * As soon as I sat down to take the picture, feet in the sun for good lighting, Toaster zoomed in.  Seriously, he was nowhere to be seen when I sat down.  I turned to reach for the camera and as I [...]

Six Hours

Look what six hours of knitting can get you: * WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 1366 * All that in only six hours! Well…not really. I started around 10 AM, with a back, two fronts, and two sleeves. Six hours later, I had added shoulder seams, button bands, and worked 1.5 repeats of the [...]