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Bump day?

This week, my uterus is all kinds of popping up and out of my pelvis. It ain’t just bloat anymore, baby! This is just in time for Baskin Robbins Bump Day, which I will not be participating in. You might notice that this offer is only good in certain states, of which Maryland is not [...]

Things That I Don’t Care For

Eternal dislikes:  Daylight Savings Time Mushrooms Artificial sweeteners Open wounds Pus Mucous Meat in aspic Lotions and soaps that smell like candy Washing dishes Getting out of bed Soda The Mall Wearing a bra Recently acquired dislikes: Pregnancy hormones Red meat Ice cream Dairy Scrambled eggs Marinara sauce Showering Carrying things Walking faster than a [...]


So thanks for your kind thoughts and stuff. Pregnancy sux, so far, and niceness goes a long ways with me these days. Makes me all teary, even. I got a little care package in the mail from a friend and bust into tears because it was just so thoughtful. I was all set to come [...]