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So, Matt and I are planning to use cloth diapers for the baby.  Some friends of ours, who are also expecting, plan on using cloth as well.  In support of their poo-wrangling goals, I knit this: Cute, eh?  That, my friends, is a pair of wool soakers. It is not as watertight as laminated fabric, [...]

Stuff in My House: Baby’s Room

Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with the picture in that last post… I can’t seem to fix it. Sorry. On with the show… Last Friday, Matt and I had the big 20-week anatomy scan ultrasound. Having confirmed that there is indeed a human baby in there, Matt was hit hard by the nesting instinct. [...]

Sheep & Wool 2008

So, we went (quite a while ago) and got stuff: I went with a pocket full of money and someone to carry stuff for me…I ended up with what you see here.  While there was much to see, there was very little I wanted to buy.  Very little actual wool yarn.  Lots of sock yarns and [...]

Motion Sickness Movie Review: Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull

It was so hot yesterday, we went to the movies.  Before the movie started, the theater toilet flushed before I stood up.  It was not particularly pleasant.  Just in case you wanted to know. The movie was good.  Not great, but good.  The two major problems, in our minds, were: (1) the script, and (2) [...]

Baby Stuff

So, this whole nesting thing is both fun and furiating.  While shopping for products to ensure that the baby will not be naked nor starved nor murdered in its sleep by the dog, it has become obvious that we are parents-to-be of rare and expensive tastes. 97.3% of all baby clothing, bed linens, and accessories are only manufactured in pastel colors [...]