Lauren Gets Crafty

except when she doesn’t

I was wrong.

I’m often wrong, but in this case it was something particularly lame:

Monkey Sock Pattern + Colinette Jitterbug “Raphael” + US 2 DPNs = UGLY

Three pattern repeats in, I looked a little more closely and realized it looked like ass. I frogged, and am now several inches into a plan stockinette sock. It’s still weird and stripey, but it does not look like ass. Looking back, I really should have noticed the ugliness a whole lot sooner.

Speaking of wrong, why does IKEA never have the one item I’m looking for? Out of 10,000 lamps and bases, the only one out of stock is the 14-inch Sundby base. I bought the Skimra shade anyway, because I just know that the day I go back to get the base, they’ll have sold out of all the shades. At least I got some gnome wrapping paper. And a hotdog for $.50.

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