Bump day?

This week, my uterus is all kinds of popping up and out of my pelvis. It ain’t just bloat anymore, baby!

This is just in time for Baskin Robbins Bump Day, which I will not be participating in. You might notice that this offer is only good in certain states, of which Maryland is not one, and you can see my previous post for information on my current views on ice cream. Also, this is kinda interesting.

One Response to “Bump day?”

  1. jean skillman says:

    The article about soft serve ice cream makes me have to rethink some of my favorite vices. I dont like getting this information right at the start of the crazy lazy days of summer when all I want is ice cream and snow balls…

    Just when I thought all was lost and no more ice cream or snowballs for me I recalled much to my delight that I am not pregnant . So hell I am going for it .


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