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Monday, June 30th, 2008

So, Matt and I are planning to use cloth diapers for the baby.  Some friends of ours, who are also expecting, plan on using cloth as well.  In support of their poo-wrangling goals, I knit this:


Cute, eh?  That, my friends, is a pair of wool soakers. It is not as watertight as laminated fabric, but wool’s natural properties of water resistance and breathability make it good for diaper covers.  Something felted, treated with extra lanolin, would be even better, but these should work just fine.

Stuff in My House: Baby’s Room

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with the picture in that last post… I can’t seem to fix it. Sorry. On with the show…

Last Friday, Matt and I had the big 20-week anatomy scan ultrasound. Having confirmed that there is indeed a human baby in there, Matt was hit hard by the nesting instinct. A week ago, we had a small cream-colored room filled with clothes to be sorted for donation, storage, and repair, a dirty blue carpet, faded old curtains, and other random junk. Matt did about 90% of the work, which is fine by me because I’m doing 100% of the gestating. Thanks sweetie!

A week later, we have new paint (Benjamin Moore Pear Green), valances (Jane Sassaman quilting fabric), courtesy of Jean, and a clean carpet:


A HERMELIN crib and a SULTAN BLUNDA mattress, both (obviously) from IKEA:


A refurbished yard sale changing table (in Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze), courtesy of Bob, complete with an initial stash of baby clothes:


And a relocated Goose Lamp:


Not too shabby, eh? Now I’ve got to go through all the junk and clothing that was relocated for the renovations. Oh, and continue growing another person. Can’t forget that part.

Stuff In My House Special Edition: Stroller

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008


I’m pregnant, due in mid-November. We haven’t gotten much else yet, but the stroller (a Zooper Twist) was available at a good price (half the list price) at Costco. It’s been sitting quietly in the living room, occasionally playing host to Toaster who seems to find it quite comfy. It came with all sorts of accessories too: a rain cover, bug/sun screen cover, and an insulated foot muff thingy. Fancy.

This is all very exciting, but I’m afraid the first trimester has been dire. Think too nauseous to knit dire. And my poor sweaters… Even though I haven’t grown much elsewhere yet, my bust has already expanded by 2 inches. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someday, somewhere, I’ll be able to wear them.

This weekend is Maryland Sheep & Wool, and I’ll be there looking for baby-friendly yarns bright and early on Saturday morning. Matt has already promised to come along to carry things, so hopefully I’ll last long enought to make the Saturday Ravelry meetup.