Christmas Stockings

My grandmother has knit Christmas stockings (the same pattern) for everyone in the family for decades.� My parents each have one.� She knit one for me when I was a baby.� My sister has one.� When Matt and I got married, she knit one for him.� Now, she’s knit one for GiGi:

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  1. jean skillman says:

    Thats a sweet tradition, something to really treasure….

  2. Eileen says:

    Hooray! Of course, it’s been done for months… and she was asking constantly what name she could put on it. :-)

  3. Pat Layton says:

    Hi, I saw your picture of the Christmas Stocking and wanted to know if you would either share the pattern or sell me a copy of the pattern. You see I have almost the identicial stocking that my mother started making in 1965 for all of the family. She passed away about 8 years ago and did not leave a copy of this pattern . We have been hunting for it ever since & this is the closest we have come. I have a new grandchild due in April and would very much like to be able to give one to her and keep the stocking alive in our family tradition.

  4. Carol says:

    How lovely to see that you have the same knitted christmas stocking as me. I’ve had mine for over 50 years ….. does your gran still have the pattern??

    would love to find it.

  5. debbe says:

    Hi, I have done the same thing for my family many years ago now those kids have married and have spouses and i have grandchildren. I moved about 17 years ago from Michigan to Ohio and when i did i lost my pattern to my stockings which looks the same as yours. I would like to continue the tradition and was wondering if i could get your pattern. I know my family and their spouses and kids would be thrilled. Thank you

  6. Kat says:

    Found this image while looking for artwork on Google… And I was greatly amused. My grandma knit stockings with the same pattern for everyone in my family as well! :) Just found it neat. :)

  7. Nancy Krae says:

    My sister and I both have stockings just like this! I am not able to find the pattern Any ideas? I’d like to make (read-attempt) them for my sons. Thanks!!

  8. Jamie says:

    CRAZY! My grandma made the exact same ones’s for everyone in my family! She’s unable to carry on the tradition so I’m searching for the pattern! Stumbled upon your picture. Love it.

  9. Carole Rys says:

    Wow just stumbled across your post. I made these same stockings for my niece’s family years ago except for her youngest (who is now 9). Can you tell me how to get the pattern? Thanks for your help.

  10. Sandy Hickey says:

    My sister-in-law knitted these stockings years ago. I would love to make them for the in-laws. May I please have a copy of the pattern. I would really appreciate it.

  11. Gilda says:

    I am desperate for this pattern. My aunt Gilda knit them for her family, for me, my husband and my children. She is gone as is the pattern. I wish to knit one for my grandniece Lily. Help!

  12. Heather Brewer says:

    My Mom made the exact stockings for me as well as my children I would love to have the pattern to make them for my grandchildren, would you be able to email it to me?


  13. Donna says:

    It looks like this might be an older site but these are the exact stockings my grandmother had made for all of her kids and grand kids. We need the pattern to keep the tradition alive with so many great coming. Are you able to share?

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