Happy New Year

We had a nice Christmas here.� GiGi was all, “whatever,” but she’ll appreciate all the toys she got sooner or later.� I finished two more knitted gifts but only have a picture of one:

From a Mary Maxim kit (No. 3794N, Snow Mitts for Kids) we have mittens for my nephew William.� My first intarsia (WOO!) and my first 100% acrylic (meh).� The yarn is Mary Maxim Mellowspun, which is okay, but nothing special.� These mittens rock, though.

I also knit a scarf for my Grandmother, but I didn’t get a picture.� Instead, I offer you a photo of some of the 16 lb beef rib roast that she bought for dinner… for six people.

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  1. aunt carol says:

    Those mittens are the greatest!! William is one lucky little guy.

    aunt carol

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