Monday: Baby Bibs O’Love

These aren’t for warm-keeping, but for mess-containing.


“Kitchen cotton” bibs (a mix of Peaches & Creme and Sugar’n Cream…I feel so rebellious!), pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting. They still need buttons, but, eh, there’s no hurry. I have a plastic snowman full of navy blue buttons that I got for, like, 50 cents at some time in the past. That should work.

Judging by the state of our many cotton dishrags, these will not age well. Since I made’em, I have stumbled up on a pattern suggesting super wash wool for baby bibs. Less likely to fade, more water resistant (won’t wick moisture through to baby’s clothes), and just as machine-washable. That’s some smart thinking, right there!

One Response to “Monday: Baby Bibs O’Love”

  1. jean skillman says:

    You werent kidding when you said a week of baby knitting items coming up for our viewing pleasure…

    I think the bibs are very cute and they sure will do nicely for milk dribbles….


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