Motion Sickness Movie Review: Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull

It was so hot yesterday, we went to the movies.  Before the movie started, the theater toilet flushed before I stood up.  It was not particularly pleasant.  Just in case you wanted to know.

The movie was good.  Not great, but good.  The two major problems, in our minds, were: (1) the script, and (2) the CG effects.

The script was teribble.  It was like they plotted out the action sequences and then played connect-the-dots to make a full script.  They tried to add a bunch of emotional crap, and it all came out totally lame-o because there was no development.

The CG was just…wrong.  The more practical effects were pretty good, like the car/motorcycle chase scene at the university.  That scene gets 1 puke bucket out of 4, by the way.  The almost entirely CGed car chase scene in the jungle was awful.  I missed most of that, though, because I was looking away, trying not to puke.  CG was just really out of place in an Indiana Jones movie, and felt like they just did it because they could.  Seriously, does an Indiana Jones movie really need CG prairie dogs?

So, overall puke rating of 2 buckets.  I missed a few scenes, but nothing vital to the plot (was any of it vital to the plot?), and recovered quickly between “episodes.”


3 Responses to “Motion Sickness Movie Review: Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull”

  1. Eileen says:

    I think the spelling in your review is “teribble.”

  2. Lauren says:

    I will not apologize for having Fribbles on the brain.

  3. mom says:

    Is that Fribble as in a Friendly’s Fribble? mmmmmmmm……..

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